Now See Here! – Montana!

Posted by: TGST

My lovely, (very) pregnant, Southern bride and I took a pre-baby holiday to the great wilds of the West. The trip went from Salt Lake City, through Wyoming and the Grand Tetons, across the dramatic expanses of Idaho and southern Montana and ending in Glacier National Park right against the Canadian border. While everyone at home was suffering through a heatwave, we were rearranging our travel plans after avalanches knocked out Going To the Sun Road in Glacier. There was of course much to see and do, and I took plenty of pictures that aren’t like these, but I felt like starting off the show-and-tell with a heavy set of sublime landscapes and wildlife. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Now See Here! – Montana!”

  1. diabardo Says:

    these are so beautiful they look fake! i love the last one of the bear, his eyes seem very human.

  2. Angela Says:

    So fucking gorgeous!

  3. Chrystal Says:

    They’re so pretty they make my eyes hurt.

  4. Slam Says:

    You’re killing me with these pictures. Now I have to go see these places. Love the owls.

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