Now See Here! – Workin’ Man V

Posted by: TGST
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One Response to “Now See Here! – Workin’ Man V”

  1. Dana Dubs Says:

    First of all…. These are absolutely amazing!!!!!

    The two that resonated with me the most:
    Shot #1
    Shot #3

    #1…. the geometric figures in the ceiling panels are striking… I’m sure they didn’t look that intricate in real life… you just seem to bring out the beauty in everything… The angle of the three people and the focal depth… AGHH I love it.

    #2…. You brought so much life to this shot its remarkable. It makes me want to know what the man in the middle is saying… And the fact that every person in there looks captivated by his story is intriguing… such an amazing moment you caught here.

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