The Great and Secret Thing, Version 2.0

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Ah, well then.

It looks like the thing is standing on its own two legs again, now doesn’t it?

In that case, it is my honor to welcome you to the start of something new: the second iteration of The Great and Secret Thing.

All of the content from the old site is here, but in a more manageable, and less ego-centric sort of way.

Would you like a tour of the place and the new bells and whistles?

First off, the front page is now divided into three main sections.

  • Regular Contributors
  • Most Popular Contributions
  • Most Recent Contributions

Regular Contributors will be the Monday-Friday content from the regular staff that you’ve been experiencing for the last year and change. New this week will be Ashley. She’ll be taking over the Friday spot with her poetry.

The Most Popular Contributions section will be the 5 (maybe 10, if I feel saucy later on) most popular posts from the entirety of The Great and Secret Thing. The popularity of a post is decided by the number of votes people give it. You vote by clicking the “Like this piece? Click here to vote it to the top!” text at the bottom of each post. The content in this section is entirely decided by you guys. So show your support of your favorite contributors and vote them up to the front page!

Lastly, the Most Recent Contributions are made up of just that, the most recent contributions posted on the site. Ideally, we’ll be implementing some new features in the next few weeks that will make it much easier for people who aren’t the main staff to register, post and manage their own contributions. That way, you won’t be stuck looking at just our tags.

The redesign itself was done by Laurel Amatangelo, and coded by me off of the WP-NewsMag theme. The last design of the site was about old libraries, hidden tomes, and secrets. This one is about a dusty, traveled letter, read, reread and passed through many hands. We’re still The Great and Secret Thing, but we’re no longer gnostic in our secrets. Now it is all about sharing each of our secret talents with the world.

As I alluded to earlier, we’ll be setting up some new registration tools that will let anyone post their content to TGST. I don’t have any specifics about how things are going to work, but our hope is to by-pass the old submission form system and move toward something much easier for the user. Hell, I’m even thinking about setting up Posterous accounts to let people reblog themselves here. But that might not be feasible for multiple reasons.

I think that about wraps it up. This is The Great and Secret Thing, version 2.0. I hope you enjoy it.

If you’ve got any questions or notice anything wrong, leave a comment?

And don’t forget to VOTE!



PS: Oh, yeah, if you go digging in the archives you’ll notice a bunch of busted image tags. There are several hundred posts on TGST, and I’ve been having to go through each one by hand to add in the new image tag. My brain snapped after an hour. I’ll get to them a few at a time, and they should be done in a week or two.

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