Weekend Guest – Tim Robinson

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Tim Robinson is a game designer living in Austin, Texas with his horrible beast of a cat. I met him while we were in college together at Savannah College of Art and Design. The two of us were at the leading edge of the new game design track, and we could tell they were making it up as they went along. So, we looked to each other for inspiration.

To say that Tim is just a game designer is to do him a disservice. Before he ever thinks about the mechanics and dynamics of a game, he is building worlds. Rich textural worlds that have enough back story and hooks to them to keep even then most die-hard pen and paper nerd busy for years.

He’s agreed to share one of those worlds with us. Terisia is Tim’s modern Gothic setting. He’s taken the religious fundamentalism of the Crusaders and a living God and mixed it with modern elements like zeppelins, radio, guns and engines. The result is something exceptional.

In the first of a series of pieces for the TGST derived from this world, Tim has made a newspaper broadside that captures snippets of information from all corners of his world.

The Ouléans Script
The Official Terisian Dispatch, Direct from the Crown

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