Weekend Guest – Pat Guarino

Posted by: TGST

Here’s what Pat says about himself on his portfolio site:

My name is Pat Guarino. I am a 26 year old Graphic Designer and Illustrator living outside of San Francisco, California. I am currently working as a User Interface Designer for Crystal Dynamics, a video game company located in Redwood City. I enjoy most things having to do with art, and almost everything having to do with art and technology.

While this is all true, it doesn’t make notice of the fact that there is a line of writers around the block who would open up their own veins to get this guy to illustrate a book for them. A while back he did a page from short that I’d written. You know, just a lark. When I saw the page I proceeded to call him and offer him sexual favors for half an hour until he agreed to do another page. He probably wanted to get this weird pervert off the phone, and figured that drawing another page was probably the fastest way to do that.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to sell my body to get him to submit a piece to the TGST.

“The Witch Queen anoints herself!”

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2 Responses to “Weekend Guest – Pat Guarino”

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