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Restless as the interstate, it creeps
one foot a day – an exponential reach that sings.
Suburban nostalgia ignites a sparkler
in my belly: glorious green ruin!

Near this hill is a house rendered in kudzu:
the furniture arranged, the piano waiting for fingers.
“Death is always at work,” I remember.
Invading the invasive, your dress shoes are lost.

Like That – the headlamp that forged a path through the cemetery
blinks out. There! – a paparazzi -
a litter of lightning bugs.

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4 Responses to “Kudzu”

  1. Amanda Says:

    So happy to see you here!

  2. godorito Says:

    love “house rendered in kudzu”. very, very nice.

  3. B Says:

    I expected nothing less. Beautiful.

  4. jerica Says:

    you’re so awesome.

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