Now See Here! – Backup Plan – Portraits

Posted by: TGST

My camera and best lens were destroyed this weekend by a renegade sprinkler. While I try to calm down and fix the situation, I’m dipping into the archives a bit. Normally I photograph stuff that’s happening. I’m much better at finding things to photograph than I am at creating things to photograph. However, some publication or company is always telling me to go out and make a portrait of somebody. These are my most dreaded assignments. What to do with a human being when they’re just standing there looking at you, waiting for direction? It’s a source of constant anxiety for me. Normally I don’t display too many of these portraits, but since I don’t know when I’ll have much new content, here’s a sample of some new and some old portraits. I hope you like ‘em. Some of you have surely seen these pictures, but a few will hopefully be a surprise.

Also. I’ve deliberately omitted any information about the subjects. I thought it would be interesting just to see what people think about the pictures without the actual story behind them.

If you see something you wonder about, just comment and I’ll tell you who they are and what’s happening.

Thanks and enjoy.

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3 Responses to “Now See Here! – Backup Plan – Portraits”

  1. Jack Bowdren Says:

    These are all excellent but I particularly love the ballerinas jumping. I like the way there’s space above and below them, rather than to the left and right as you might expect.

  2. ashley Says:

    Where was the diner pic taken? That’s a place I want to be.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Ashley, that gentleman is Charlie Smith, and he is sitting at the soda counter inside Wiles-Smith Drugstore on Union Ave where he has worked since 1961. Go inside, and for only $3, Mr. Smith will make you a hand-dipped milk shake that might make this August bearable. If you listen to The Splendid Table, then you’re no doubt familiar with Jane and Michael Stern’s “Road Food” section. Here’s their review of the place: While you’re in there you can look around at all the weird old drugs for sale.

    Any other questions?

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