I’m a Scrappy Broad

Posted by: MrsLawcomic
This week I am getting close to finishing a blanket. Not usually my cup of tea, but this one is magnificent. There are 2 reasons why.

1. I love scrap yarn projects. Previously I did rugs. I feel like the noble green knitter using the discarded trash of consumer thirsty beasts. Also, I am cheap and this means I can use every last drop of the yarn I have and beg/steal/trade others for theirs.

2. It’s knit in one piece. This is great because seaming (sewing pieces of knitting together) is A Fate Worse Than Death.

Also, each time I finish a square, it’s a tiny victory. And the whole thing will take about 8 weeks.

That sure is a badass rug.

Your baby is so gonna dig this.

I love the patchwork quality. It is very freeing. But I am also excited by the possibilities. With some time, planning, and a sheet of graph paper, I could do something very clever indeed.


As discussed previously, blankets are reserved for only the closest of friends. And as I have several women very dear to me who are pregnant or soon will be, I better stop writing and start knitting.


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One Response to “I’m a Scrappy Broad”

  1. April Says:

    Nice work lady!

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