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I’d like to tell you that Ben Powers went down in the screaming wreckage of a jet fighter, or died a hero’s death while saving a bus load of orphan Swedish air stewardesses from a pack of atomic badgers, or that he’s struck out into the far horizon to find himself.

But all of those would be lies. Poor bastard’s gone domestic. “Work”, “Responsibilities¬†at home”, “Girlfriend”, “Shed”. These are the things he said to me when he tossed in his towel.

I shrugged, felt my face make the sad puppy dog eyes that had long since ceased to have an effect on Maestro Powers, and took my atomic badgers home with me.

However, Ben’s domesticity has opened up the Wednesday spot for all comers.

If you’d like a regular, weekly, unavoidable deadline to create some new content, then slap a down a comment saying so, and I’ll get in touch.

A few words about the gig: We’re looking for some one that’ll be able to go on¬†indefinitely, not just finish a run of something and go “I’m out, suckas!” We’re also looking for something that doesn’t overlap with what’s already happening in the M-F run of the site. Each day needs to feel different, you know?

Again, if you’re interested, leave a comment.

Now for the news.

I’m going to be reseting the Most Popular votes this weekend, so come Monday, you people can go hog wild voting new stuff to the top. I’ll probably start doing this for the first Monday of every month.

I’m also going to add in the names of all of the contributors to that section as well.

And to put the question to you guys – what do you want to see? What features is the site missing that you’d like it to have? I know user profile pages are a big thing, but what would you like to see on them?

Thanks again to everyone who submits contents and who checks us out on a regular basis. You keep us going, you really do.


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One Response to “Wednesday Spot + News”

  1. Rob Gordon Says:

    Don’t know, I might know some people.

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