Now See Here! – Fruit Jam

Posted by: TGST

The kind folks at Ida, a “queer community in the hollows of middle Tennessee,” let me photograph these portraits during their annual Fruit Jam music festival. I took hundreds of amazing portraits, and these represent only a small sampling. Here’s how they describe it:

“This week-long event features queer and trans musicians from around the country, focusing on Southern culture and artists. We also hold workshops, theatrical performances, nature hikes, and try our best to have some good country fun. Hundreds of people come for Idapalooza every year, and we’re thrilled to see so many radical queer communities converge in one place. It is important to the residents of IDA that we provide a safer space for queer and trans people to learn rural living skills and connect with a natural space. We work to create an environment that is open to queer people of different backgrounds, identities, and abilities. Those of us who live at Ida love the South, the mountains, and the chance to create (creating homes, creating gardens, creating community). We hope to share our space with queer and trans people who may have historically felt isolated from these experiences.”

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