Now See Here! – King Willie, Still Standing

Posted by: TGST

After nearly 18 years as the mayor of Memphis, Willie Herenton abruptly resigned announcing a bid to run for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional district. Herenton, who’s campaign seemed to center on race, was soundly defeated by a 4-1 margin in the Democratic primary by incumbent Steve Cohen. I had the good fortune to photograph “King” Willie during the first interview he had granted since his unaccustomed defeat. It was conducted at Herenton’s sprawling campaign headquarters, now almost entirely vacant save a few pieces of furniture and portraits of the mayor still on easels.

The lengthy interview was conducted by Flyer senior editor Jackson Baker and appeared in the October issue of Memphis Magazine. The former mayor talked in the 3rd person throughout, and quotes about “Herenton” come from the man describing himself, and appear in the interview. An online version of the story can be found at the Memphis Magazine website here:

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One Response to “Now See Here! – King Willie, Still Standing”

  1. Andy Says:

    As a photographer, I have a technical question: How did you fit his immense ego into the frame? How wide of an angle lens do you have to have?

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