Fast Fiction – White Cadillacs

Posted by: TGST

Title: White Cadillacs
Word: Gratuitous

Submitted by Laurel.

200 words about the unraveling of things:

It was too damn hot for a funeral. Looking up, he squints into the sun and wishes that this could be like one of those funerals in movies – all rainy and grey. At least it would be cooler then.

The funeral is his father’s, but looking around he hardly knows anyone. Sure, he knows his four sisters, two brothers, his mother, his step-mother and his father’s first three wives, but the rest of these people are a mystery to him.

Like that woman over there, in the low cut dress with the gratuitous cleavage. Who is she? A cousin? A business associate? A future step-mother in waiting? He tables the idea of talking to her, worrying that the latter might be true.

The crowd begins to break apart, it’s over. The dozen people in his family heading are back to the white Cadillac limos. And he’s struck by the realization that they’re not really a family at all. Just a group of people that were tied together by the lone thread that was his father. But, they’re just people now. People that will drive away from this life and let that thread unravel more with each passing mile.

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