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Info: There are too many stories to be told in Our Fair City. Here are a few I’ve been privy to, including protest against (and celebration of) new development, the rising trends of both teen pregnancy as well as stay-at-home dads, a special field trip for some artistically minded youth and the never-ending debate over whether Memphis and Shelby County can live together in the same house.

PS: Here are links to some of the stories if you care to know more:

The ongoing debate over whether to raze the historic United Methodist Church building to build a new CVS has raged for months with dramatic twists and turns that no one could dream up. The paper has run more than a dozen stories on it. Here are some highlights:

While many remain upset over the prospect of yet another suburban-style box store, there was nothing but applause as Pinnacle Airlines moved their headquarters into the nearly vacant building at One Commerce Square:

While the growing number of teen mothers in Memphis causes debate about what course of action to take, another trend sees more and more stay-at-home dads taking care of the kids while the children’s mother returns to work:

Perhaps the most contentious issue facing Memphis and Shelby county is the question of consolidation of the two governments:

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One Response to “Now See Here! – Our Fair City”

  1. simon Says:

    I love it when you take pictures of people and buildings in the same shot. Bonus for jumping people in buildings!

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