Opening Lines – Sleepfarting

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Margaret was fairly sure that when she wrote her marriage-counseling book, she was going to include a chapter titled “Sleepfarting.” She could be fast asleep, and then out of nowhere would come the unwelcome warm breeze down her leg, the fluttering of the sheets, and the rotten-egg smell. Sometimes they’d be so bad as to force her out of the bedroom, gasping for breath.

Tonight was one of those kind of nights. Beer and chili for dinner did dangerous things in Jim’s gastrointestinal tract. Margaret worried for a moment that her husband might accidentally kill himself in there, so she went back into the bedroom to crack a window.

Death caused by suffocating on your own gaseous emissions. It’s just so ridiculous she could see it happening to him.

She lingered for a moment in the dark, watching her husband sleep.

To see the two of them out you wouldn’t have put them together on a bet. She was petite, with chestnut hair, still beautiful by anyone’s standards, but two kids – one planned, one not – had taken their toll on her body. Jim was her opposite. He was more square than tall, evenly square, the same size in all directions. Her arms had never been able to wrap all the way around him. Most of his face was taken over by a reddish beard that blended into the hair on his head and the hair on his chest.

But the night they met, he somehow grabbed her attention and had never lost it in the years since. He stayed with her through that first pregnancy scare, and then through the real thing. She’d been the one to ask him to marry her.

Jim was good. Good to her. Good to their children.

She could forgive a little sleepfarting.

Another of the 300 word bits from Lindsey’s Opening Lines prompts.

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