Now See Here! – Something or Other

Posted by: TGST

Many of you may have seen many of these images before, but like the dreaded “clip show,” I’ve gone back through the archives and found what I feel are interesting new ways to combine images that relate to one another. Most of these were shot in different places and different times but taken as a whole are stronger than each individually. I hope to continue this little series next week and then maybe put all the images together into a single perplexing collage which I’ll hang above the mantle of some home I’ll presumably own in the future.

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One Response to “Now See Here! – Something or Other”

  1. simon Says:

    1) hotel rooms in which i may have or have not paid money for sex and/or drugs
    2) the relationship between circles, triangles and jesus
    3) them good for nothing sons o’bitches, windows
    4) the uneven power dynamics in romantic relationships between trees and spotlights


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