Opening Lines – Lovely Differences

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His hands, from the right angle, looked like gnarled tree roots, but they knew her body better than they knew anything else in the world. She’d lose herself thinking about them, sometimes. Those hands and the things they could do. Then, when the grinding of her thighs got to an almost painful point, she’d realize what she was doing, blush and come back to reality.

He was older than her, older by far. From what he spoke of, he had lead a hard life under the sun. His skin was dark and thick like leather, with wrinkles running canyons down his face. But this did not diminish from his humble good looks, nor the brilliant blue of his sharp eyes.

She knew he’d been married before, but knew enough to never ask about it. Sometimes, he would speak to her about it, but only because he wanted to. In her heart, she felt uniquely grateful to the woman that came before, because she had helped to craft this man of hers.

Her past life had been a tumultuous one. She’d run away before she knew just how cold the world could be. Drinking followed, then drugs and then things that he knew not to ask about. He hadn’t been the one to pull her out of the gutter, but he was and still is the one that kept her from falling back into it.

The two of them simply worked together. She reminded him there was always more life to be lived, and he reminded her that having a foundation, having stability, doesn’t mean your life is plain or pointless.

They both knew this wouldn’t last forever. He was too old, and she too young. But, for the time they had together, they would be exactly what the other needed.

Another of the 300 word bits from Lindsey’s Opening Lines prompts.


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