Opening Lines – Smoke and Chains

Posted by: TGST

The smoke brought him into this world, and now it looked like it was bound to take him right back out. Chained in the center of the room, surrounded by braziers of smoldering incense, he thrashed mercilessly as the white, pungent smoke swirled upwards. Around the room, holy men repeated droning chants.

“Free me!” he hissed at them, “You have no right! I am created free!”

A wizened cleric, with a long ashen beard and a ward against the Evil Eye around his neck, stood and glowered at the creature in the heart of the room.

“You, are haraam, jinn. Forbidden. Your very existence is a sin against Allah, the Most High. Already your master has given his life to the grand executioner in penance for his unforgivable sin.”

As he spoke, the holy man lifted a censer of incense from the floor and began to circle the jinn, slowly swinging the smoking vessel side to side.

“Fools,” the jinn growled. “Allah himself tasked me to tempt that man! I was his qarin, the devil in his path! Without me how was that man supposed to know the true glory of Allah’s endless beneficence?”

The bearded man spit his words at the jinn. “What do you know of Allah! You are devil shaytan!”

The smoke seared his skin. It wouldn’t be long now. He vowed to not go quietly.

“I know I was there when Allah bade us bow to Adam. I know that Mohammed came as prophet both man and jinn. I know that I have always chosen to trust in Allah!”

He could feel himself fading way, returning to the smoke.

“I know I was created free to choose, and I forgive you for not being so blessed!”

The chains fell to the ground, ringing hollow against the stone.

Another of the 300 word bits from Lindsey’s Opening Lines prompts.

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