Now See Here! – “The Mark” ch. 1 – Shh.

Posted by: TGST
All images © Brandon Dill Photography
Please don’t steal them. That’s a jerk thing to do.
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3 Responses to “Now See Here! – “The Mark” ch. 1 – Shh.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    #3 is my absolute favorite. I kept thinking about it days after you showed it to me.

  2. Alpha Says:

    Mine too. #3 is really great. Almost abstract in its composition, but meaningful. Really great photo. Take it with a view camera and sell it for 10,000$ haha.

  3. simon Says:

    ok, yes, i agree number 3 is freaking incredible. but how’d you do that thing with number 5 where you can’t tell if the corner and the poles and the green plants are very small or very big? am i seeing things, or maybe i should stop looking at this computer for a while…

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