Now See Here! – Cutting Room Floor

Posted by: TGST

Often my favorite images are ones taken that don’t necessarily work for the nature of the story or the style of the publication where the photographs will run. I tend to forget about them, but I’ve revisited a few from the last several months and I’d like to share them. I’m offering them up without explanation because I feel that many of them have a fair bit of story-telling potential, and I don’t want to color your interpretations of what these people are doing.

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3 Responses to “Now See Here! – Cutting Room Floor”

  1. TGST Says:

    Ok you have to explain abou the yellow suit dude.

  2. FT Says:

    diggin’ the guy in the grey room lamenting over his golem.

  3. simon Says:

    So do you think the guy with the purse was standing under the exit sign thinking, “Well, I don’t mind holding my wife’s purse because if some tall white dude with a camera comes at me, I can always just make a quick escape.” Boy was he ever wrong!

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