Blood Diary / Deer Song

Posted by: TGST

Blood Diary / Deer Song

Loneliness sneaks,
succeeds only
when full
on blood and berries -
the feast of the lonely
on a Saturday evening.
On a Sunday,
no one answers.
Framed in suntan
and a problem: there
it is – the lonely.
Every other is another
I used to know fully.

In the deer clean,
the ladybugs
were all dead dry shells.
Here is where one deer hung.
was asked a question:
What will you bring?

Early spring – my favorite South-
aching dolor, glorious green.
Ambition robs my bones
of meat, leaves them
like tiny antlered skulls
bleachwhite, deer clean.
Hungry meat – sad thing.
Sorry about our fight-
Sunday might
grow berries over our
tired bones, clean
sheets. Stay with me.

Ambition is a funny thing.
Will I succeed? I scrape
each poem of meat. My blood
is so far away from me.
I can no longer tangle
those veins. And it
leaves a lonely feeling.
Green ruin and rotting.

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One Response to “Blood Diary / Deer Song”

  1. Will Says:

    “bleachwhite, deer clean.” Awesome.

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