Cartography #19 – Choo-choo and Ladyshoes at the River

Posted by: TGST
Choo-choo and Ladyshoes at the River
Choo-choo and me, we always go down to the river to look for tossed bikes.  We go to the place where there’s always stuff nobody wants.

This one time, when we get down at the bottom of the hill, there’s nothing there and she look at me and say Hey Ladyshoes.  And so I say Hey Choo-choo and I see her kick her feet at the mud and walk to a flat spot where it’s not muddy but there’s dirt and leaves and broken trees and she walk over and kiss me like she did one time before for two hours.  But that time she only wanted to just kiss and not tell me why.

But this time she kiss me and walk away to the other side of the flat spot and reach up to grab a twig and snap it off and sit down.

She say Come over and she start unbuttoning her shirt so I go over and she grab the bottom of my shirt to pull it off and then we kiss some more and take her shirt off and I try to lay her back on the dirt and leaves, kiss her stomach, but she catches on a a spiderweb.  Goes Ah! and gasps and I think Good so I’m unzipping her pants and I get confused when she sit up but I put my arm on her back and there’s a fishhook and some line, and I says Just a spider, Choo, but she knows and she says take it out and I do, and she puts on my shirt and it gets blood all over it and I kinda carry hers ’cause I can’t get the arms on.

We had to run to the hospital like that, but we slipped in the mud and I got tore up in some thorns, and we get to hospital all muddy and blood covered and dirty and it took 20 stitches, and she say now I have to wait a month for every stitch to see her again.  I need a new bike.
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