Holler in the Alley

Posted by: TGST

“Holler in the Alley”

Well I just wonder who’s arms
her head is resting in tonight
And the thought has crossed my mind
That if I bend her ear just right

She’ll come running down her stairs
Two at a time just to be sure
That she captured the sweet melody
That drifted through her door,
and changed her mind

So I’ll put pen to page
And write a little song
Pushed on by promises that she
Will be mine before too long

So I’m doubled over hunchbacked
Strangling this here guitar
Till I wrench out chords and verses
Guaranteed to win her heart,
And this is my start

You know I’ll sing my best, You know I’ll sing my best
You know I’ll sing my soul, my savior-love to thee
And with this song my hopes, and with this song my dream

That she’ll be home in bed
With no vinyl spinning round
So when my voice calls out her name
Her name will be the only sound

Now I’m standing in the alley
And I’m singing her this song
And you know I ain’t no radio
So I got no volume knob,
She can’t turn me down

You know I’ll sing my best

Music and Lyrics by Ben Powers

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One Response to “Holler in the Alley”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Makes me wish you had a crush on me.

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