Now See Here! – Chapter Four – Our Hero the Traveler…

Posted by: TGST
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8 Responses to “Now See Here! – Chapter Four – Our Hero the Traveler…”

  1. Pat Says:

    #4 is my new favorite. Amazing lighting on that.

  2. Kerry V. Says:

    Wonderful as always. #4 IS amazing.

  3. Shane Says:

    I’m all about #6.

  4. jen Says:

    I’m on Team #4 too! #3 is second favorite. Love, love, love these.

  5. Christine Gant Says:

    #4 – Haunting!

  6. Kip Gordon Says:

    I’m onboard for number 1. That green is amazing. I have problems sometimes getting a really good green out of digital.

    Freakin’ sweet stuff man.

    Again, I say, “Teach me, master.”

  7. Kathy Melton Says:

    Amazing! Brandon should work for National Geographic.

  8. Chrystal Says:

    another stunning chapter in the collection

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