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Like what we’re doing here and want to be a Contributor?

We’re open to taking anything that can be put on the web. Writing, visual art, performance art, music, short films, photography, illustration, journalism, poetry, conceptual design, graphic design, etc, etc, etc. We’ll take it all. The only rule is that it can’t get us kicked off of Google. (A few of us are on their last warning from the Big-G.)

We’ll gladly take brand new material, reposts from your site, and stuff you’ve got squirreled away in the bottom of your desk drawer. Anything that you think is worthwhile and want to share, we want the world to see.

Once you register, we’ll approve your registration (Make sure you’re not a spammer) and then you’ll be able to post as much as you want of what ever you want. Final publishing of posts is done by the site admins, usually within 12 hours at most.

All work submitted to The Great and Secret Thing is the property of the author, and all rights, including all rights of republication, are retained by the author. The Great and Secret ThingĀ holds no rights to the work other than the right to publish the author’s work on this web site.

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